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Progress Bars - Water colors %0 by Kazhmiran-Not started yet
Progress Bars - Water colors %10 by Kazhmiran-Researching
Progress Bars - Water colors %25 by Kazhmiran-Start loading..
Progress Bars - Water colors %50 by Kazhmiran-Loading 20 %
Progress Bars - Water colors %75 by Kazhmiran-Still loading..
Progress Bars - Water colors %90 by Kazhmiran-Loading 60%
Progress Bars - Water colors %100 by Kazhmiran-FINALLY I'M DONE! ;v;

Pink To Do List by YuikoHeartless

:bulletblue:Point Commission


:bulletblue:Art Trade



*Spirit-Heroes meme,personality meme, etc. Progress Bars - Water colors %0 by Kazhmiran
*Arianna's BG story Progress Bars - Water colors %0 by Kazhmiran
*Renovate Spirit-Heroes app form Progress Bars - Water colors %50 by Kazhmiran
*Boboiboy-OC-AcademyPrize for the 4th winner (isn't decided yet)

:bulletblue:Real life Activity lol
School,final exam,studies,preparation for next year's exam bluh--depressed-reality problems etc.

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


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185 / 1,000
Points pls Chibi by EdlouieArts
art by:EdlouieArts

what I do with the points:

:boing: give to others when I feel like it
:boing: save it for Premium Membership
:boing: commish awesome peeps! :dummy:
:boing:buy an adoptable xD

current balance: 232 :points:

Note: Please don't ask me for points. I work so hard to get them ;A; and please don't hate me if I say no to you UvU

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Ayy idk what title by Kalu-Chan11
Ayy idk what title
Blank background is beautiful
I should draw something else now other than them.

Listening to this song the whole day while colouring them:…

Somehow the song fits them...YES THAT SHALL BE THEIR THEME SONG. :iconmingplz:
idgaf about what u say about the song being an ending theme for only an anime and I shouldn't just use it suka-suka hati. Lantak pi la. >:v

and the guy in the middle there,  He's the soon-to-be teacher so yeah .w.

They belongs to me.

see ya. .w. /
I just realized that Aiman is in acting class by Kalu-Chan11
I just realized that Aiman is in acting class
and that's the first thing that came into my mind.I can never get enough with these two.

Tree Aiman, Welcome to the crack world.
Don't mind this. Just a reminder to myself .w.

Need to renovate Laila and Aiman's application form again and also for next year.
Hey soon their oldest bro is coming to PRIS as a teacher  huehue~

k that's all bye
Laila app form by Kalu-Chan11
Laila app form

OC Name:Laila binti Iskandar
Age:14 (2014)

Power:Water Elemental

Student or Teacher:Student

1) Painting
2) P.E
3) Gardening
4) Biology

Dorm Room:11

Personality:kind,yandere,can be a tsuntsun sometimes,active,short tempered,likes to tease her brother and hates being ignored.

Short Background: Lives in a normal and peaceful life with her family at Pulau Rintis.Due to her parents work overseas and her brother's study at Japan,she transfer to PRIS with her brother ( ) and her childhood friends (Mila and Aisyah).


-text/exercise books
-pencil case
-extra clothes

Things to be remembered:

-hurt her brother or close friends and death awaits you :iconscaryrussiaplz:
-her bag weight 10kg and up even though there aren't many things in there :iconmingplz:
-an otaku and a fujoshi :iconpervheplz:
-is part of the student council
-her and her brother are a lot like twins but....Age differences.
-plays all kinds of sports but her fav is soccer,Basketball,Tennis and volleyball.
-Coulrophobia (yeah she's scared of clowns.Blame her father for dressing up as a clown and chase her on her birthday when she was a lil girl.:icongnimplz:)
-an ability to breath underwater since she was born(same goes for her power.the power has passed down for generations on her father's side.don't copy this. ;n; )
-her birthday: 11/12/2000

-Current water attack she uses:-
*water combat (punch,kick or any physical attack while using her powers as a boost)
*water elemental weapons (100% made from water. H20.//slapped//idk)
-main elemental weapon: dual swords
*water vortex (sinks enemy to the nothingness)
*water Shield (For defending herself and her friends)
*cure (takes time when the wound is quite deep.)
* Ice. (Only unleash it when in a super dangerous situation.Side effect after using it too long: massive headache)
*water prison(trap enemy in a ball made of electricity and water)
*water spiral (confused the enemy? idk)
*Tsunami (when reach her full potential. ...I'm watching ninjago way too much :iconminggagaplz:)
*mermaid form. hm. yeah.
*Only her's can extinguish Aiman's flaming hot red flame.

Laila (c) :iconkalu-chan11:

app form (c):iconnuazka:
Aiman app form by Kalu-Chan11
Aiman app form

OC Name:Aiman bin Iskandar
Age: 17 (2014) Yeah his last year being a student. After that he's going to be a teacher :u 
Height: 160 cm

Power:Red Fire Elemental (yeah Red coloured flame instead of normal flame)

Student or Teacher:Student

1) Agricultural Science
2) P.E
3) Gardening
4) Acting

Dorm Room:10

Personality: short tempered,protective,Active,kind, random like Laila (sometimes) and heck he can be a bit dramatic.

Short Background:Similar to Laila's background.


-text/exercise books
-pencil case
-extra clothes
-some new and old novels (pfftt cheezy romance novel-//slappedbyAiman)

Things to be remembered:

-hurt his sister or his girlfriend or close friends and death awaits you :iconscaryrussiaplz:
-love cute things
-dem he's a bookworm
-also play kinds of sports
-fire powers runs down on his mother's side
-His birthday: 21/6/1997
-current fire attack he use:-
(pretty much the same as Laila cuz obviously--They're siblings right? well..maybe some different things.and also cuz I'm lazy to think about it)
*fire Combat 
*basic fire attacks (ex: fire ball)
*fire elemental weapons (100% made from flaming red fire. It sizzles only he can touch it cuz It's made from his own fire bro)
 -main elemental weapon: Dem Chains heck yea. 
*fire vortex (not like Laila he can do it if he wants to)
*fire shield (It's hot on the outside but cool on the inside)
*fire prison ( not use it often.only If he's really pissed off then yea. Injure the enemy or even, burn the enemy.into ashes. :iconwtfaruplz://slapped)
*Hell flames (aka even more hotter and redder than his normal red flame.Only when he reach his full potential. yep that's right I'm watching Ninjago way too much)
*....hmm..let's just say he can synch attacks with Laila. and Rafeeq.(<--coming to PRIS soon-)
 via telepathy (y'know like pacific rim but a bit different.) 
* His fire is not extinguishable. It's freakin hard using only normal water. So Laila (or Rafeeq) is the perfect job for it.

Aiman (c) :iconkalu-chan11:

App form (c) :iconnuazka:
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? :iconcolorfulsparklesplz: 

- Get out / open your music player (iPod, MP3 Player, etc.) / music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player etc.).
- Put it on shuffle.
- Press forward / the next button for each theme.
- Use the song title as the answer to each theme, even if it doesn't make sense.
- Bold the theme (Opening Credits, Waking Up, etc.), italicize the answers, and give your own comments in the parenthesis on how it relates to the prompt.

Opening Credits
=Chasing the sun-The Wanted  (lmao :iconmingplz:)

Your Theme
= Dansbanan-Detektivbyran (owhhh OvO)

Waking Up
=How to be a heart breaker -Dirk Strider ver. (I can't-)

=Radioactive-Imagine Dragons (ppffftt-- :iconminggagaplz:)

=Camping-Detektivbyran (lmao so different from school)

Falling In Love
=Karakuri Burst -Kagamine Twins (woah damn)

Boyfriend / Girlfriend's Theme
=Honky Tonk of Wermland-Detektivbyran (lmao.My boyfriend is Gamzee  :iconzoominplz:.Still a pretty good song owo)

First Kiss
=Hey soul sister -Train (lel what)

Hanging With Friends
= Peppersteak-OFF soundtrack (hella-woah)

Best Friend's Theme
= Derse Dreamers [original vocal+lyrics]-Horizon (lel)

Fight With Parents
=Good Time- Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen (NO IT'S NOT A GOOD TIME D'8<)

By Yourself at Home
=Om du Morter Varg-Detektivbyran (hmm .3.)

Break Up
=Showtime [Piano Refrain]-Homestuck Vol.1 (NO WHAI THIS SONG :iconlazycryplz:)

=To Asteroid B-612-Sasakure.UK ft Lasah (makes sense. because of that 'grown ups don't understand' part yeah ;w; )

=Fuck You-Lily Allen (pft)

=Hemvagen-Detektivbyran (for no reason I feel high)

Coming Down (Hangover)
=Hall of Fame-The Script ft. (lmao)

=Alpha Starships-Alpha Kids (lel I don't feel any regret anymore :iconmingplz:

New Love
=Wake me up when September Ends-Green Day (lel September is about to end anyway)

=Just awake-Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas [HunterxHunter ending 1] (This is not called prom anymore-)

Prom speech
=It's You! (Homestuck)-Kylee Henke ( :^D )

=Burn-Ellie Goulding (Yes)

Graduation Speech
=Buzzin (remix)- Mann ft. 50 Cent (ALL MY YES.lmao I rap instead of speeching xD)

=Granmon-Detektivbyran (what a calm atmosphere unlike graduation//slapped)

=EET- Regina Spektor  (I-)

Going To War
=Nothing left to say now-Imagine Dragons (hella it fits so well-)

Night Before Battle
=How far we've come-Homestuck ver. (Wh-I've been playing Sburb this whole time and I'm about to battle with Lord English-:iconzoominplz:)

Last Fight
=Trickster Love-Alpha Kids (lmao what :iconmingplz:)

Last Fight Result
=Two Birds-Regina Spektor (I'm cry)

Reuniting With Old Friends
=Run to you-Pentatonix (It keeps getting sadder-:iconmingcryplz:)

Final Words
=Let her go-Passenger (WHAI- :iconcryforeverplz:)

=Clarity-Zedd [Aylen Remix] (GOATDAMMIT MEDIA PLAYER WHY)

=My songs know what you did in the dark- Fall out boys (wha-)

Ending Credits
= Discord-Eurobeat Brony [The living tombstone remix] (no comment)

My life is so complicated.
  • Mood: Psychotic
  • Listening to: beautiful times -owl city


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Heya guys!You can call me by my nickname which is Fiq cuz that's what most people call me all the time xD (or u can just come up with a nickname on your own). I might be posting some art here.Just simple ol' art and sketches, And maybe some fanarts and thanks for stopping by at my DA~


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